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Top 10 Features of EduAdmin

1. Integrated, school-wide solution to all aspects of administration, providing one central, networked database.

2. Access to data from any point on a network, with powerful security features to control access levels on a per-user basis.

EduAdmin Security Login

EduAdmin Login Screen for the Student Module. Each Module has a login screen like this one, allowing management to control exactly which staff have access to which Modules and what level of access they have.

3. User-driven functionality added via releases throughout the year.

EduAdmin About Box

EduAdmin About Screen, showing the build number. Builds (releases) are made available throughout the year. Each build contains new features.

4. Email and telephonic support available weekdays from 08:00 to 16:00.

5. Seamless Email and Mail Merge functionality; email financial statements, assessment mark reports and newsletters.

EduAdmin Mail Merge

An EduAdmin Mail Merge in progress. The user has selected one student from the list and is now prompted to select the Email and Hard Copy options.

6. The Report Designer available in most modules allows for complete customization of the layout and fields to be included on reports.

The EduAdmin Report Designer. Fields and controls can be placed and manipulated to exactly match the requirements of each report design.

7. Sixteen separate Modules and several add-ons provide support and functionality for every aspect of school administration.

8. Unique Housekeep system allows for rapid and accurate data entry and updates with referential integrity.

EduAdmin Housekeep

Editing a student record in the Student Module. An "X" has been entered for the Blood Group, which is not a valid Blood Group Code. EduAdmin presents the Blood Group Housekeep file and allows the user to select from the list. All Housekeep files are maintained by each school. The school may add, edit or delete entries from Housekeep files to customise the program to their needs.

9. Newsletter distributed by email which details new functionality added, as well as topical notes on the software industry, management strategies and the state of education; regular Highlight documents emailed to ensure users are kept abreast of the latest developments in the program.

EduAdmin Newsletter


10. The Query Wizard in all modules allows for easy interrogation and extraction of data.

EduAdmin Query Wizard

The EduAdmin Query Wizard, which is found throughout the entire program. This powerful feature allows the user to extract exactly the data they require. Multiple fields can be combined for more specific queries. Queries can be saved for later use. Saved Queries are available to all users.

Additional Features of EduAdmin

Shuttle: Allows student marks, comments and components to be entered by staff off-site (at home for example).

Quill: Built-in word processor with functionality to include token (field) data such as student name or address details; documents can be attached to the student's record in the database for later reference.

SMS Manager: Provides functionality to send SMS messages to one or more cell phone numbers.