EduAdmin Overview

Schools require large amounts of data to be collected, managed, processed and reported on. Traditionally, many schools have used several different software packages to administer their data. This has been a result of software packages only providing specific functionality for one aspect of data administration. For example, a school may use one program to manage their financial data and another program to manage their marks data. This arrangement is far from ideal as it results in several different, separate and independent databases. Updates made to one database are not reflected in the others.

EduAdmin is an suite of software programs designed specifically to cover every aspect of school administration. The package consists of 16 administration modules and several add-on programs. The EduAdmin system makes use of one integrated database for all administration activities. This means that any changes to the database are available instantly to all other users. The EduAdmin system has been designed to function optimally on a network. This means that users anywhere on the network have access to up-to-date data. A full security system allows for specific levels of access to be granted to each individual user. Therefore, management can decide exactly what each user can or cannot do on the system. For example, some users can be granted access to view data in certain modules, other users can be granted access to add, edit and delete data in certain modules and other users can be denied access to certain modules completely. Management is therefore able to take full ownership of their school's data.

EduAdmin does not customise its software for any individual school. Instead, EduAdmin adds additional functionality to the program which schools can choose to use if they so desire. This paradigm makes the program increasing more powerful and flexible. Individual customisation for a particular school is restrictive and prescriptive. The approach of adding functionality means that the program is user-driven. Schools are encouraged to request the functionality they require and this can then be added to the program.

In order to keep the program current for schools, a new version (called a release) of the full software package is released every week of the year. These weekly releases include new functionality and bug fixes. Schools may download the latest release each week if they so desire. In addition to the weekly releases, a newsletter is emailed to schools each week. This newsletter includes short news items on the current software market, management strategies, release notes and tips, tricks and traps.

One of the most important aspects of any software package is support. EduAdmin offers several levels of support. Email and telephonic support is available to all schools running the software. In addition to this, manuals are available for purchase and an online help system is included in the program. In South Africa, regional support managers are also available for on-site training and support. The EduAdmin software package is not sold to schools - instead, schools pay an annual license fee which entitles them to use the package. This fee grants the school permission to run the package on an unlimited number of workstations at one educational institution; all modules and add-ons are included in the fee. Email and telephonic support is included in the fee as are the 52 weekly releases and the newsletters.

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