Software Integration

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What is Software Integration?

Integration exists where programs or modules seamlessly use the same database in its native form without human intervention. It assumes that the internal intelligence of the database is fully understood by the programs. Integration is not exporting data in some or other format (e.g. CSV) and then importing it into another database.

Why Integrate Software?

According to respected critics (South African IT journalist Duncan McLeod) and experienced suppliers (Peter Thomas of Oracle New Zealand and Jacqui Scorgie of ACCPAC), informed consumers are moving away from spending enormous amounts of time and money tailoring the integration of products not meant to work together. The experts in these matters all cite perfect fit, speed of implementation and affordability as significant factors that naturally leads successful organizations toward complete integration.

Any attempt to get disparate programs to talk to each other is fraught with unjustifiable costs, inherent complexity and changing uniformity of the backends used. IT departments spend far too much of their limited budgets on time made necessary by the arcane and esoteric demands of legacy, piece-work solutions. Not only is integration of disparate programs cumbersome and costly but potentially a booby trap awaiting the unwary. In particular, it exponentially increases the possibility of serious compromises on data integrity that in turn leads to suspect management decisions if relied upon.

IT Administrators have at times referred to EduAdmin as the school administration equivalent of Oracle applications, SAP or BAAN. The central pillar in these business applications, as it is in EduAdmin, is seamless integration.

EduAdmin and Integration

EduAdmin has been committed to full integration from its commercial birth. With over nineteen years of implementation and experience it has been found to be quite unnecessary to depend on other company products to prop up our software solutions to schools. The EduAdmin planning and development teams boast qualified teachers, accountants, librarians and contributors experienced in time tabling practice and running educational institutions. The individual EduAdmin modules can thus stand in their own right against any other individual product on offer. We go one step further with full integration vastly expanding the usefulness of the modules and contributing to the reduction of time wastage and increasing staff efficiencies and effectiveness. We also provide functionality that is unique to the school environment, features that are ignored by products that are directed largely at the commercial market.


Seamless emailing of data to clients including letters, newsletters (attachments or native), mail merges, assessment reports, library transaction detail and financial and debtor statements.

Complete integration of time table with student, assessment and staff details including automated construction of solutions taken from a variety of starting points facilitating daily adjustment to the time tables if required.

Create and save an unlimited number of spreadsheet layouts that may be dynamically populated from data held in EduAdmin.

Creation of PDF files from any report. All popular PDF Writers supported.

Live update of weekly builds from EduAdmin with seamless deployment of the latest changes to the workstations.


If you suspect that a program you are using is depending on export and import to talk to other programs you are using and you are concerned about the integrity of your data get a second opinion.

If you are using disparate programs to run your school and would prefer seamless integration call EduAdmin.