Housekeep: How does the Housekeep cascading work?

Cascading of data variables simply means that if a housekeep file code is changed the code will cascade though all the relevant data files. For example, if the address type code for accounts is an 'A' and this is changed to a 'C' all instances of address type codes that equal 'A' in the address files (there are many) will be changed to a 'C'. Only housekeep files cascade, not regular data files.

Housekeep: What qualifies a Housekeep to be included in the global Housekeep Module?

When it is shared by more than one module.

Installation: When we try to register the OCXs, they fail!

When an OCX fails to register and you have followed the correct steps it is time to look more seriously at your hardware and operating system. The registration program used by EduAdmin is a Microsoft product and the OCXs are tried and tested. The problem is usually traced to missing system DLLs (mfc42.dll and msvcrt.dll) or a corrupted operating system and particularly the registry on the computer where the registration fails. The solution is to either install the missing dlls or reformat the hard drive and reinstall the operating system from scratch. Do not simply try and reinstall the operating system over the existing one - that will most likely not work. It must first be entirely removed and the easiest way to be sure is to reformat the hard drive that is holding the operating system. If you still have the problem after reinstalling the operating system we suggest that you look at the hardware.

Manuals: How does one navigate when in the main "EduAdmin.pdf" file?

Select the topic with blue surrounds to drill down one level. When in the topic select the heading with blue surrounds to go back one level.

Manuals: Is there an index of the PDF program manuals?

Use "EduAdmin.pdf" as this file provides a link to all the other PDF files.

Query Wizard: When an attempt is made to run a report using the Query Wizard, there are no records to process!

There are in fact no records that match the defined query. Edit the query and ensure that the logic is correct and audit the data to determine that there are in fact records which should match the query.

Quill: When printing a Mail Merge document, all the records are printed even after the records have been selected in the pick list?

The selection of the records in the pick list does not specify what is to be printed. This functionality merely gives the user another variable to interrogate when applying the Query Wizard. If you want only those selected in the pick list to print then the query to apply would be only print the records specifically selected (Print Merge = 'Y').

Quill: Why is it that quill will not display on my computer screen?

The OCXs have not been registered on your machine.

Report Designer: Each time a report is printed, instead of one list of, say 27 students, it prints 27 pages with one student on each page!

The Detail Area and/or Detail Band is too deep (height).

Report Designer: How does one add fields in the Controls and Fields box?

You cannot. This is programmed into EduAdmin for selection. If there is a field you would like to use please advise and it will be included, if appropriate, to the particular report.

Report Designer: How does one automatically include the Institution (School) name an a report?

Use the Current Licence field in the Controls and Fields toolbox.

Report Designer: How does one preview a report?

Run the report.

Report Designer: The aggregates on the report are incorrect?

Aggregate marks and percentages are the same irrespective of grade. EduAdmin is grade (form, standard, level) insensitive. To EduAdmin, an aggregate is the total marks earned for the subjects that qualify to be in the aggregate. The subjects that are included are controlled by the Mandatory Subject List, the Best Subject Code and specific exclusions applied by the user.

Report Designer: The Class Code is cutting off on the report!

Change the picture for the control to '@S4' and ensure that the control is wide enough to take the font.

Report Designer: The Effort symbols do not appear on the report!

You have used the incorrect control on the report or there are no effort symbols entered. You may use any string character (for example: 1, 4, A, A+, B-) in the effort field. These will all print.

Report Designer: What field do I choose for the aggregate mark and aggregate percentage?

EduAdmin offers the following aggregates: Total Mark (Column A to I), Total Maxima (Column A To I) and Total Percentage (Column A To I).

Report Designer: When I preview a report, some of the items are not aligned!

The alignment problem you are having relates to the internal alignment of the control. You can override this with the justification property in the control. It is also important that you make the sizes of the controls uniform (width and height) when aligning one control with another. It is also advisable to use a uniform font for the controls you are attempting to line up, especially if the they are in a column. We suggest that numeric and currency fields are right justified and string fields are left justified.

Report Designer: When I try to run a report I get a blank report and EduAdmin does not report that there is nothing to preview!

The layout (design) chosen has no controls on it.

Report Designer: Which graphic formats does the Report Designer support?

The Report Designer supports most graphic image types including JPG, BMP, WMF and TIF.

Security: The Login is not active!

EduAdmin is a Windows based program. Windows assumes controls which either have focus or are run in the background. This is what makes the operating system multi-tasking. If the user focuses on something else while EduAdmin is loading, the login screen will lose focus (not be active). Focus can only be regained by explicitly clicking on the login window or the item on the task bar. Focus can be lost by any activity with the mouse or keyboard during loading.

Security: When logging in to EduAdmin, an access restriction message is returned!

The login and password do not have access to the security area. The supervisor must load the module or the utilities module and give the user access.