The Statistics Module has been designed to assist educationalists who attend to education management with the more commonly used quantitative analyses. The complexity of the modern education environment is imposing a growing demand on management that requires a scientific approach to decision making. Consequently, quantitative methods are being used to an increasing extent to assist in the process of decision making. The prospective manager should formulate the problem properly in order to solve it efficiently. EduAdmin has built-in routines that allow the user to produce standard statistical reports and charts. The mathematical rigor is kept to a minimum to allow the user to appreciate the usefulness of the routine and not to become absorbed in the mathematics of the routine.


  • Easily view counts for almost any field from several modules, such as number of boys or girls in the school, number of students living in a certain region or number of Under 16 girls in grade 10 from a certain sporting house, for example.

  • Query Wizard allows for only certain groups of students to be included in the various counts.

  • Linear Regression.

  • Scale Marks.

  • Frequencies, Means, High Low values, Variances, Standard Deviations.