The purpose of housekeep files is to maintain a list from which to select when updating records. For example, in the Attendance module, the Housekeep file Absentee Reason will contain a list of absentee reasons such as Late, Wagging/Bunking or Doctor/Dentist. The housekeep files speed up data entry and maintain the integrity of the database.

EduAdmin ships with a set of records for each Housekeep file which may be added to, edited or deleted to suit your requirements. Adding, editing or deleting the records in these housekeep files can be limited to a particular user by using security passwords and thus preventing other user from changing these records indiscriminately.


  • Housekeeps allow for rapid and accurate data entry.
  • All Housekeeps are customizable by each school, allowing the school to add, edit or delete the Housekeep data which is shipped with EduAdmin.
  • Referential integrity ensures that data is not lost or deleted because of Housekeeps which are in use cannot be removed.
  • Data integrity is enforced at the point of entry, thereby ensuring the accuracy of data.