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EduAdmin Web Portals




EduAdmin has released a Silver Version of the Software which includes internet functionality (EduAdmin Web Portal). This functionality enables the institution’s data to be accessed by users in a controlled manner via the institution’s web page. Users may be staff, students, care-givers, alumni or admission applicants. The data to be accessed includes Account Statements, Mark Reports, Time Table, Alumni details and Admissions applications. The institution decides what data will be available on the web page.


  • The Silver Version of the EduAdmin requires the replacement of the vast majority of the ISAM files with industrial strength SQL and    post-relational technology.

  • The Silver Version desktop application is completely different “on the inside” to the Bronze Version which institutions are currently running. The executable and DLL files currently in use on the Bronze Version are replaced in their entirety. Functionality between the two versions is presently the same. This will naturally diverge in the future.

  • The internet functionality is simply another view of the same data with additional functionality included to allow, for example, care-givers, potential applicants and alumni access to their sections of the data.
  • All communication and correspondence for the Silver Version of EduAdmin will be via the EduAdmin Newsgroups.
  • All listed options and functionality will be available by December 2004 but, as usual, these functions will always be changing according to users’ requirements.


  • The Web Portal functionality does not have to be used in order to use the Silver Version
  • The Silver Version is required in order to use the Web Portal functionality.
  • EduAdmin Web Portal does not replace the Silver Version – the Web Portal functionality is simply part of the functionality included in the Silver Version.
  • EduAdmin Web Portal can be used internally (via an intranet) even if there is no internet connection available. An internet connection will be required to access data from locations off-site.
  • Please see the FAQ section on this website for more information.


Available on request from EduAdmin.