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About EduAdmin

EduAdmin is an unrivalled portfolio of software programs designed to cover every aspect of educational management and administration. The software provides a powerful and supportive approach to administration for schools. Designed by professionals with practical experience in schools and education, EduAdmin comprises an integrated portfolio of modules which provide the power, flexibility and control required for effective management.

Entering student attendance, recording discipline data, enrolling new students, generating report cards, maintaining timetables and managing media centre activity with easy data entry to customised and flexible reporting, EduAdmin brings the latest technology together with the real needs of today's administrators to meet the exacting requirements of professional educational administrators. EduAdmin provides the only fully integrated school-wide administration system with individual modules which are equivalent to any of the stand-alone alternatives available.

If you are serious about an integrated, sophisticated, school-wide administration solution, we encourage you to browse this website and to take the time to read the details here. Read our notes on the concept of software integration.

See also the EduAdmin Overview and Technical.

EduAdmin Corporation

It is well-known in the computer industry that technology will move further in the next two years than it has in the last five. The serious user of computer software needs to ask this serious question: "Why should I make a financial outlay for an item which will be out of date in a couple of months?" It is for this reason that EduAdmin cannot be purchased off the shelf. At EduAdmin we believe that software users are fast coming to appreciate the fact that computer programs are constantly changing and, rather than purchase a program, it is far better to buy a license to use a program which is constantly being upgraded. The EduAdmin license fee covers all upgrades, support and new modules. This way the user is always up to date with the latest software and technology at a reasonable price. Both software developer and user are winners.

A further advantage of this approach is that the programming department of EduAdmin can respond to specific needs as they arise. The solutions are posted onto the FTP site and the users can download in their own time.

EduAdmin works for its user base. The EduAdmin license fee covers research and development, program enhancement and support. There are no surprises for the user. The fee is set each calendar year. Demonstration modules are available for download. This approach is in line with international trends.

EduAdmin is committed to investing in research and development. The revenue generated from the service and support agreements is reinvested in upgrading the products and ensuring that the products remain at the forefront of technology.

Purchase the EduAdmin licence agreement and purchase an investment in an organisation that is dedicated to the development and improvement of education management and administration.

EduAdmin is represented internationally.